Coming in June 2015!

If you’re a professional in your first 1-5 years of AAFCS membership who wishes to develop leadership skills and learn about leadership opportunities in AAFCS, please watch your email for information on how to apply for the next AAFCS Leadership Academy. The goal of the Leadership Academy is to Build Leadership Capacity in AAFCS.

Source: AAFCS August 23 Fast FACS

As an inaugural member of the AAFCS Leadership Academy and young professional in FCS, I strongly encourage all qualifying members to participate. I’ve learned a great deal through my experience and had lots of wisdom bestowed upon me by my mentor, who I hope to remain in contact with for a lifetime. I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know other young professionals in the field who are a great resource as I move for- ward in FCS.

Julie Sims AAFCS