Board of Directors

Debra K. Andres, CFCS-HDFS
President, 2023-2024
Family & Consumer Sciences Agent, Geary County
Kansas State University Research and Extension
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Deborah Handy, CFCS 
Treasurer, 2024 
Washington State University
Department of Human Development 

Landon Calderwood, CFCS-HDFS
Director-at-Large, 2024-2026
Iowa State University-College of Human Sciences 
Campus Visits Coordinator 

Margaret Jenkins, CPFFE
Director-at-Large, 2023-2026

Sharon Pate
Director-at-Large, 2022-2025
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Martha Ravola
Director-at-Large, 2021-2024
Alcorn State University
Associate Professor
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Meeshay Williams-Wheeler
Director-at-Large, 2021-2024
North Carolina A&T State University
Associate Professor, Child Development and Family Studies
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Lorna Wounded Head, CFCS, CPFFE 
Counselor, Immediate Past President, Ex-Officio, 2023-2024 
South Dakota State University
Family Resource Management Field Specialist 
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Karin Athanas
Executive Director 
Email Karin
Ext. 4614

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council consists of representatives of the following groups:

The Leadership Council appoints the Nominating Committee to identify candidates for election to the Board of Directors, and the Council elects the Board members. Council representatives meet each year at the AAFCS Annual Conference and Fall Workshop.