Within this section, you'll find information on AAFCS governance groups: 

  • Board of Directors - The governance of the AAFCS is and shall be entrusted to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall act as the legal representative of AAFCS. The Board of Directors shall define the policies and monitor their implementation, provide leadership for and manage the affairs and funds of AAFCS.

  • Leadership Council - 

  • Committees - Committees are established by the Board of Directors with defined purposes and responsibilities as needed to carry out the work of AAFCS

  • Student Unit - AAFCS student members make up the Student Unit. Led by a student officer team, students across the country carry out service projects and other student-focused activities related to family and consumer sciences.

  • Past Presidents Unit (PPU):  This unit is composed of AAFCS past presidents.  As a unit, they provide advice to the Board of Directors, Leadership Council and members.